Kids and their germs!

So I’m lying on the sofa at 4.30 am and I have been lying awake for the past 3 hours! I find my kids fully responsible whilst they are quite happily getting their beauty sleep! 🙈 I feel so sick! Most of yesterday was spent feeling really ill and to top it off I was out for the day with my girls and (bless her) my 8 year old was sick in the car right before the hour long drive home 😷😷😷 …That’s not a smell I need when I already don’t feel well. My sweetheart was so brave though. – she always has been when she is sick! We got held up on the drive home for an extra half an hour thanks to some charity walk! I felt guilty getting annoyed because I’m all for raising money for charity but was the LAST thing I needed yesterday. Then the twinnies both started coughing and making noises as if they were going to be sick. So it was a drive from hell! They had both had simultaneous explosions in their nappies a few hours before…but hey what can you expect with twins 🙈😂 …no it doesn’t work like that but yesterday they timed it perfectly.

So we eventually get home and my back was in agony on top of everything else because of being stuck in the car for so long! Eldest was then sick again and S and T both decided to have a meltdown, from what I only imagine was because they weren’t feeling well either. So I was juggling making sure J was ok, trying to settle twinnies (1 has a major issue with sharing me and her daddy, and always wants us to herself) that made it interesting to have them fighting on me but I felt so unwell that I didn’t want either of them on me! Things we have to do as mothers.

I feel like I have been constantly ill since January. Thanks to the rubbish weather I haven’t been able to shake off anything completely. Myself and my 3 friends have 8 kids between us. we are all so close that when 1 is ill we all get ill. Which actually makes it a little easier because we can get through it together and help each other out. We seem to have quite a unique and solid friendship where we bring out the best in each other and pick each other up when we are having a tough time. I’m very grateful to those girls!

Before them I had a very tough time with post natal depression. And felt extremely overwhelmed that I had twins. Twins don’t run in our families so it was a huge learning curve for me especially as I have an extremely hard working husband who works long hours to give us the life we have. So majority of the days I would have been on my own with the S and T and my eldest was in school. But thanks to the friendship I have with these girls I’ve never been happier. They give me the support I need whilst hubby is working and it makes the huge responsibility of me basically just keeping my Twinnies alive 😂 so much more manageable….

…..just carrying this on from before. Hubby was so good and let me stay in bed today to try and get better. I still don’t feel very well but was grateful for the rest! The girls have still been having major jealousy issues. S really hates having anyone else near usimage

She ends up standing well away from us screaming thinking it will help her case into getting what she wants…it never works but she has my stubborn streak 😅😅😅


Notice the missing drawers and shoelace holding the cupboards shut … Normal child locks apparently don’t stop our kids 🙈🙈.

Hopefully will shake off this bug by tomorrow because there is only so much bickering I can cope with while I feel rotten…they just constantly wind each other up looking for a fight!!!

My bed is calling me. Xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Kids and their germs!

    1. That’s impressive. Mine have a tendency to lick each other 😂🙈 don’t ask…so keeping germs to 1 child is near on impossible haha. And thankyou hopefully after a good night’s sleep I will feel much better 😁

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