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Easter Madness!!

Safe to say we have all eaten our weight in chocolate the past few days! I’m writing this whilst feeling a tad nauseous 😂😂😂 hey it’s Easter!!!

The twinnies have been on top form of craziness as per usual. It just seems to be a never-ending cycle of bickering! Luckily I have had my hubby home to share the load. I don’t think he realises quite how much the extra pair of hands really does save my sanity! He is a brilliant dad and my munchkins are proper little daddies girls!!! 😍👭

S has spent the past few days randomly coming up to us saying ‘bite, bite, bite’ as a way of telling us T had bitten her again…yet the times she chose to come up to us was when we knew T had been nowhere near her. She has cleverly figured out that she gets lots of fuss and cuddles after she has had a bite from her sister, whilst her sister gets in trouble. I can only assume she has started doing it because I have had to do a bit of tough love recently by not picking them up every time they scream. They have been getting unbearable lately with their screams being so intense and piercing it makes me feel like my ears are bleeding 🙉.

My back isn’t good at the best of times with having slipping ribs and other problems. Picking the girls up all the time can make my pain unbearable and unfortunately when 1 wants picking up, the other gets jealous! So more often than not hubby will come home from work and I will be busted for carrying both around at the same time….I can understand his worry for me as that is over 60lbs of child to carry around putting extra pressure on my back. It makes me really sad sometimes because I would love to be able to pick them up and cuddle them without a second thought/pain.


1 of these screaming episodes….courtesy of S…was purely down to the fact I would not pick her up whilst I was hoovering.!!! I offered to hold her hand but that clearly wasn’t good enough. So as you can see in the photo my only option was to hoover around her while she had a complete meltdown! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

They also spent some time giving ‘loving cuddles’ to each other….but on closer inspection that turned out to be strangulation cunningly disguised as a hug!


The only time they got on perfectly was when they knew they were going to be going to bed soon….they would play so nicely together to distract us from getting their milk and pj’s ready. Funnily enough it worked because we lost track of time. Definitely getting out-smarted by 2 year old twins! I blame their big sissy for teaching them that as she is the expert at sneaking off to her room just before bedtime so we end up completely forgetting that she needs to go! 😅😅😅😅😅

Proud of my clever girls…..I’m ashamed to say they have probably got their mischievous stubborn side from me!!!!!!!! Hahaha.