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I can’t take the screaming!!!

As I write this, my back is hurting/aching after letting my osteopath loose on it and my throat is hurting from shouting at the twinnies! They have been taking it in turns to have complete meltdowns for the past 2 hours 😭😭😭😭 I try to sit down and cuddle them but they don’t want that…they want me to stand up and carry them around. I can’t because of the pain in my back. It is times like this that I really feel like I’m letting my kids down!

Im in the kitchen now multi-tasking, writing this and cooking the tea. A very tall baby gate…well actually pet gate 😅 Because they mastered how to get over the normal gate…is dividing me from the kids.

My eldest is doing her best to entertain them and she is doing a fab job as a big sister, but when these kids scream I swear they are going to burst my ear drums. Today all they have done is whinge that the other 1 is playing with a certain toy even if they had no intention of wanting to play with it themselves!

I can’t wait until they can finally verbalise what they want because this screaming is driving me round the twist.


Roll on bedtime!….just another Monday!